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Weekly Activities

Youth Worship- Sunday nights
Middle School Ministry- 5:00-5:45 in Fellowship Hall
Sunday Supper- 5:45-6:15Pm in Fellowship Hall by Kitchen
High School Youth Worship- 6:15-7:15PM in the Fellowship Hall
Pelicans- 7:15-8:15PM (April-October- High School weekly and Middle School monthly)

Accountability Groups- Wednesday Nights 6:30-7:30PM
These are groups where 3-5 students meet with an adult mentor weekly with the hope of growing closer to God and each other.  Most groups meet on Wednesday nights and other groups meet on other nights of the week. Currently we have seven groups meeting.  Here is the committment that students agree to make to partcipate in a group.  If you have any questions about these please see Pastor David.

With Love From Jesus-
     Every 4th Wednesday night (6:15-7:45) and every even month on Saturdays (8:30-1:00) we help with this ministry in Garner to feed underprivileged children.  For more information go HERE.

Sunday School 10:30-11:30
6th grade in Room 603 (Gary Jessup and Derrick Bell)
7th grade in Room 608 (Lynn Oakley/Cyndi Sparrow and Chris McGuire)
8th grade in Room 606 (Frank Denton and Kaye Kelly)
9th grade in Room 604/02 (Nicole Everett and Richard Harper)
10th-11th grade in Room 607 (Rob Oakley and Tamara Adams)
12th grade in Room 605 (Billy Jackson and Milton Barbour)

The sixth grade is studying Truth Seekers, a curriculum developed by Gary Jessup that helps students walk through main parts of the Bible and through every book of the New Testament in one year.

The 7th and 9th grade are using BIBLE STUDIES for LIFE which focus upon application of Biblical truths to the lives of students.

The 8th Graders are currently studying Exodus.

The 10th-11th grade is completing a study of the Book of James.

The 12th grade is completing a study of Romans and several lessons centered around Easter.